Curragh Walk Fruit Feast

Why send in €1 on Curragh Walk day?


The whole school takes off on our Curragh Walk on the last Friday of each month.  We always ask that you send in €1 with your child on this day.  Have you ever wondered how this money is spent?  The details and photos below here give a 'taste' of what happens!


Fruit for the whole school is ordered and delivered fresh on the morning of the Walk.

The Healthy Lifestyle Committee start working on preparing this Fruit Feast:


  • Unpack, wash, peel, cut, slice all fruits

  • Display them in an appealing manner for the children

  • Distribute platters to each Classroom, ready for the walkers' return


Special Notes:



We are careful to tend to allergies.  For example, if a child has an allergy to a certain fruit (for example, Strawberries), none of that particular fruit goes on the platter to that child's classroom.



Thought and effort goes into matching occassions and the selection of fruits ordered.  For example, at Halloween, we aim for an orange and black theme.



Apart from buying fruit for over 320 pupils each month, your €1 is also used to fund prizes for special occasions such as the Best Easter Bonnet, and similar.  Click here for an sample breakdown of monies collected.