Jennie Bagnall - Background Information

My aspiration is to teach children to learn to love music through actually playing instruments themselves from a young age.


I have three girls of my own, and so, from a practical point of view, I understand what its like to deal with time-consuming and expensive hobbies. I wanted to make lessons accessible to as many children as possible by having them on the School premises.  


I also wanted to make them affordable:  lesson are just €20 per half term (under €3.50 per half hour group lesson) and we use progressive low cost, child friendly instruments to teach the key skills required for each instrumental family ( Ocarina, Fife / Recorder / Plastic Flute / Plastic Clarinet).


My Background:


I have a Bachelors of Education degree from UCE in Birmingham where I studied Secondary Music Education at the Conservatoire. I achieved Grade 8 on several Woodwind instruments whilst at school, and began teaching instrumental lessons for the peripatetic music service in Coventry from 1997-2002 whilst training to be a full time secondary school music teacher. I began teaching in a school of over 1500 pupils and was Head of Music there for 2 years before moving to Ireland.


I have continued to teach private music lessons on most woodwind instruments and piano from home, and additionally was able to start teaching some lessons at Scoil Bhridel last year. I am particularly interested in children’s musical groups and have directed, conducted and arranged for many choirs, bands, orchestras and groups of young children.


For full details of times, costs, and availibity, please phone Jennie directly on T:  086 332 2136