Broad Beans Part II

Before school ended, Ms Burke's Senior Infants sowed three broad bean seeds in different conditions as part of a science experiment. Last week we found out that the seed that had water AND sun sprouted - Horray! Ms Burke brought the seedlings home to care for them while we are away from school., and now has this update for us: Senior Infants Experiment: Update 2 The broad bean seedlings have been in the 'hotbed' for nearly 2 weeks now. They have enjoyed the lovely sunshine we've been having. I have watered them everyday. (Can you spot my two little helpers in the picture?) They look big and strong enough now to be planted out in the garden. It is still a bit frosty at night so I've cov

RTE "School On TV"

The home school hub on RTÉ starts next week RTÉ has announced a new Home School Hub across its television and online platforms, which will provide primary school children with fun daily lessons from the comfort of their homes. RTÉ and Macalla Teo, with support from Mary Immaculate College, have collaborated to introduce a cross-platform teaching initiative for primary school kids across the country. On RTÉ2, RTÉ Player, and, children will be able to watch, download and engage with curriculum-based content, project work, and fun activities that will keep them entertained and learning. From next Monday 30 March, each morning from 11am to 12 noon on RTÉ Home School Hub on RTÉ2, e

Answer Sheets - 5th & 6th Class

Thank you Ms Cosgrove, who has kindly supplied answer sheets for the suggested homework uploaded for 5th and 6th Classes; click links below:- 1. Answer Sheets for Busy at Maths (6th Class) 2. Answer Sheets for Master Your Maths (5th & 6th Class)

Senior Infants Experiment

Before school was suspended, Ms Burke's Senior Infants sowed three broad bean seeds in different conditions as part of a science experiment. Ms. Burke got a lovely surprise last Wednesday morning when she checked on them. The seed that had no water had not sprouted. The seed that had no light had not sprouted The seed that had light and water has sprouted! Hooray! This seedling is now in a hotbed to harden up before it's planted outside. Ms. Burke will continue to look after the seedling and keep you updated on its progress - we might even grow a giant beanstalk!

Letter from Mrs Gallagher

As we only received news mid morning on Thursday as to the directive that all schools were to close until 29th March (at the earliest), we didn't have much time to properly go through this news with your children. For this reason, I have written a letter for your children. Please share with/read to them if you feel that is appropriate. ​ With such short notice on Thursday, it was a very busy few hours as all the staff of Scoil Bhríde rallied to prepare work packs for your children. These are very unusual times for us all, but we will get through and return to normal home and school life. We at Scoil Bhríde will do everything we can to support you and especially your children on the return to

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