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Lucky Jars & Golden Ticket

Lucky Jars are an essential part of our Winter Fair. They are simply jars from home, which you fill with bits and bobs you might already have : see list of suggestions at end of this page.

We ask that every child prepares a jar at home and brings it to school by Wednesday 28th November. All jars are then pooled, numbered and a "Golden Ticket" in secretly put into a random jar. Whoever finds that "Lucky Jar" at the Winter Fair, gets to be Principal for a day in the new year. Even if your child doesn't find the lucky ticket, they still get a jar filled with goodies and surprises - win, win!

(Suggestions at end of this page)

Size: Start with an empty Jar (jam jar, mayo jar, sauce jar, etc)

Decoration: as simple or elaborate as you like (see photos) Wrap it, paint it, stickers, etc

Contents: anything you like- bubble wands, marbles, sweets, stickers, hair slides, dice, sweets, Trading Cards (Match Attax, Pokemon, Star Wars), yo-yo, toy cars, dinosaurs, magnets, puzzle, sweets, toy jewellery, beads, sweets, glitter, Whoopee Cushion.....whatever you like.

(P.S....did you notice they're keen on sweets?!)

Thank you in advance.

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