Broad Beans Part II

Before school ended, Ms Burke's Senior Infants sowed three broad bean seeds in different conditions as part of a science experiment. Last week we found out that the seed that had water AND sun sprouted - Horray!

Ms Burke brought the seedlings home to care for them while we are away from school., and now has this update for us:

Senior Infants Experiment: Update 2

The broad bean seedlings have been in the 'hotbed' for nearly 2 weeks now. They have enjoyed the lovely sunshine we've been having. I have watered them everyday. (Can you spot my two little helpers in the picture?)

They look big and strong enough now to be planted out in the garden. It is still a bit frosty at night so I've covered them with fleece to protect them. It's a bit like putting a coat on them!

Fingers crossed they continue to grow.

Ms. Burke

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