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Spring / Summer 2016

Cross Country Running



Cross Country Running


Our Cross Country Team entered the Inter-Schools Competition 2016.   This was held in Moorefield on Friday 22nd April.

Training was open to all 3rd to 6th Class and took place each day at 12:20pm.  All that was needed was a change of footwear and a willingness to give it a go!

Many thanks are due to parent, Paul Archbold and Ms Kavanagh and Ms Kelly for their time, encouragement and enthusiasm.  

Congratulations all round.



Funding has been approved by the Irish Hockey Association to run some hockey coaching sessions in school.


These sessions will begin towards the end of the term.


No specialised equipment is required, but any existing Newbridge Hockey Club members can bring their own sticks, if they wish.



It is recommended that children spend 60 minutes per day partaking in physical activity.


45 minutes per day is currently spent on yard.


To improve physical fitness, all 

classes will begin a short running programme from 1st February to improve stamina and fitness.


This will involve 1 minute of running at first which will increase and build as classes improve.