Staffing Schedule 2022-2023

Staffing Schedule 2022-2023


Class Teachers
Junior Infants (a) Ms. Tennyson
Junior Infants (b) Ms. J. Kavanagh

Senior Infants (a) Ms. Kelly
Senior Infants (b) Ms. Quinn

First Class (a) Ms. Clancy
First Class (b) Ms. Cosgrove

Second Class Ms. Cleary

Third Class (a) Ms. Flynn

Third Class (b) Ms. Hanrahan

Fourth Class To be appointed

Fifth Class To be appointed

Sixth Class Ms. M. Kavanagh

Special Education Teachers
Ms. Ryan
Ms. Breslin / Ms. McArdle (Jobshare)
Ms. Moore


Special Needs Assistants
Fiona Kelly
Moira O’Donnell