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School Tracksuit Days


Each class has two tracksuit days per week. Please ensure your child only wears their tracksuit on their nominated days.  


Tracksuit days subject to change during Gaelic League / Training / Swimming, etc.

Please be guided by each Class Teacher.  Junior Infants & Senior Infants will receive a note home in their school bag; 1st to 6th Classes will make note of changes in their Journals.

Tracksuits can also be worn on Curragh Walk day, regardless of nominated day.

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Tracksuit Days 2023/2024

Tracksuit Days 2023-2024

1st Class (a) Ms. Clancy Wednesday & Friday
1st Class (b) Ms. McManamon Wednesday & Friday

2nd Class (a) Ms. Cleary Tuesday & Friday
2nd Class (b) Ms. O’ Sullivan Tuesday & Friday

3rd Class Ms. O’ Brien Wednesday & Friday

4th Class (a) Ms. Higgins Tuesday & Friday
4th Class (b) Ms. Cosgrove Thursday & Friday

5th Class Ms. Hayden Thursday & Friday

6th Class (a) Ms. M. Kavanagh Ms. Tennyson Thursday & Friday for 6 weeks (Swimming)
Tuesday & Friday thereafter (week of 16th October)

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