Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan
Scoil Bhride Athgarvan

News Updates:-

20 Sep 2020

Curragh Walk

 Our Scoil Bhride Curragh Walks take place  on the last Friday of each month.  This is when the whole school walk out the back gate and across the Curragh.

The first one will be Friday 25th September.

  • We cannot invite parents and siblings to join us, for the moment

  • Classes will walk in their class bubble with their Teacher

  • Classes will leave at staggered start times

  • Children wear their school tracksuit or shorts and  bring a change of footwear and socks .

  • Boots can be worn for walk.

  • All walks are weather dependent.

  • No €1 required as no fruit for now

Looking forward to a great Curragh Walk! 

02 Sep 2020

Calendar 2020/2021

Our planned calendar summary for the year is online.  It is an overview of our 'hoped for' school year, but of course we will contact you directly should any of these dates change. 



03 Sep 2020

Tracksuit Days

Children can continue to wear their Summer Uniform (shorts/tee/hoodie) for the month of September.  You will find list of their Class Tracksuit Days below.

Note:  children to wear Summer Uniform or their full uniform apart from Tracksuit Days.  For month of September, it is ok for those who wish to wear their Summer uniform on do so on their Tracksuit Day too.

Note:  these days are subject to change, but Teacher will inform of any changes (note in children's homework Journals and/or email to parent).  Thank you.


15 Sep 2020

COVID Symptoms & Temperatures

We have two additional information sheets which you may find useful:



06 Sep 2020

Updated Quick Isolation Guide

We have received an updated Quick Isolation Guide from the HPSC (original was dated 1st September).  This updated version, V1.1 03.09.2020, is now available on our website.


01 Sep 2020

Important Information

Please read through the documents and information on our SEPTEMBER 2020 page.  (this can be found on our website under General Information / September 2020)


01 Sep 2020

Drive Through

The front of school Drive Through is open in the mornings only and it is essential that you drive through only

  • KEEP TO THE RIGHT, alongside the metal barrier/railing which separates us from the main road.

  • First car in drives all the way up to where your car is in line with to St Brigid's Statue

  • Children get out of Left Hand Side of car, closing doors behind them, and walk across to the path

  • You must immediately drive on.

Perhaps think of it as you would a McDonalds "Drive Thru" or queueing at traffic lights:  -

Think of people coming behind you - move all the way along so that cars coming from the main road can pull along behind you.  

If you feel the drive through scenario is too restrictive for the needs of your family, you do have option of GAA Car Park and/or Pitch & Putt parking.  Thank you so much.

31 Aug 2020

Collection Times

Here are three important notes regarding drop off & collection:-

1.  Traffic Lights

A request has been lodged with Kildare County Council to increase the safe crossing time at our traffic lights.  Currently, there is quiet a short Red-Green-Red sequence.  We hope our request will be actioned soon.

2.  Collections at Traffic Lights

Parents walking to meet children at the traffic light exit are welcome to cross the road (still remaining on the outside of the perimeter barrier), and line up along the wooden fence area (to the left of the traffic lights).  That way, you can meet with your child on school side of the road, and escort them across the road when traffic lights turn green.

3.  Pitch & Putt Through Road

Please do not park on the road which cuts through the Pitch & Putt course.  Apart from blocking this narrow road for other drivers/road users, you are also putting yourself directly in danger of you or your car being hit by a golf ball!!

23 Aug 2020

HSE Guidelines for Symptons in Children

In regard to COVID-19 symptoms, this link from the HSE website gives guidelines regarding when to send your child to school and when to keep them home.  CLICK HERE

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