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Green Schools Student Committee 2019 - 2020

Green Schools Committee 2019-2020.jpg
Core Committee

Hello Everyone,

We are the Green Schools Student Committee.


We are here to tell you about what we are doing over the next few months.


Our Action Plan is to work towards our our next Green Flag "Travel"  That, we hope to achieve by end of 2020.

Ms Cosgrove is our Green Schools Coordinator.  


Additional assistance comes from the following members of Staff including Mrs Doolan, Mrs Gallagher, Ms Kavanagh, Ms Kelly and Mrs Reddy



Our Core Committee meet with Ms Cosgrove about once a week / fortnight.


We then have a full meeting with Teachers and Students once every couple of months.

Notice Board


We have a Green School Notice Board where we display all our steps. See our ongoing work on vehicles 'idling' here.


View Notice Board

Notice Board
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