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We are delighted to have achieved our third Green Flag

~ Water ~ in June 2017.


As with our Flags one and two, we needed to take direction from the Green Schools Programme to set about achieving our third Flag for 'Water Conservation'. See excerpt from Green Schools Ireland, below:

Well done to all Pupils, Staff and Parents involved in getting our third Green Flag.

Green Schools Excerpt:

Most of us are guilty to some extent of taking water for granted. Water comes out of taps; it goes down drains; and in between we use it to brush our teeth or do the dishes. However, saving water is not just about saving money.

Water is an important resource and a sufficient supply of clean water is essential to the health of both people and the environment. All of our food production and agriculture needs water. The raw material may appear to be plentiful, but worldwide, and even in parts of Ireland (particularly at certain times of year), it is an increasingly scarce resource.

Water is the third theme of the Green-Schools programme and is sponsored by Irish Water. The aim of the Water theme is to support schools in introducing and implementing a sustainable water programme and raising awareness of and engagement in related issues.


The support of Irish Water is important to the overall development and delivery of the Water theme and provides Irish Water with the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the education and engagement of primary and secondary school students in water conservation and efficiency throughout Ireland. 

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